Wedding Stationery – make it a distinguish thing beyond Invitations of your B day.

Yeh Dil hai k manta nahi! Bingo!!!! Right? Whatever and however prior preps one does it is never enough for a wedding. Let’s just help you with how we can make your “The Big Day” Huge and Memorable with these simple go-to Wedding Stationery.

RSVP is broadly written on the invitation. It means the host has requested the guest to respond if they are planning to come. These are small cards that are sent forth with the invitations. The RSVP cards contain the directions for replying.
The card helps the hosts maintain a note of who all are the attendees.

Wedding Itinerary
A wedding itinerary is a wedding planning template that is used to make a list of every wedding function that is planned with its date and time. Nowadays, as the wedding trend is going at its peak, people have different venues and dress codes for every function and so it does get included in the wedding itinerary.

Welcome placards
Hospitality plays an important part in the wedding. Placards to welcome the guests at the airport or railway station is a must to escort them to the hotels with honour is respectable hospitality.

A map is a great way to guide the guests to the correct venue of the event. The map contains the direction, surroundings etc., of a particular place.

Vehicle Stickers
An adorable and unique way to differentiate the vehicles used in the wedding from others. Fancy stickers in uncountable shapes & sizes are pasted on the cars in honour of the newlywed couple.

Welcome Cards
Padharo Mhare Desh…A welcome card is usually a card that is given to the guests when they arrive at the hotel or the place of the event for that matter. This card can also be used to thank the guest for being a part of the big day and we share the social media handle and hashtags on a welcome card.

Luggage tags
These are personalised wedding luggage tags that come with the names of the guest and bride & groom printed on them. Luggage tags are ideal for destination weddings. It comes in different shapes and sizes and are personalised in terms of content and design.

Key Tags
Have you ever thought of honouring your guests in every single aspect? Accommodating them in the rooms allocated for them and making sure they have a good experience with their rooms is an important token of honour. A simple Key Tag for the keys of the room personalised in the name of the guest will be a sign that they are being taken care of in a caring way. Moreover, personalised key tags make it easy for the guests to identify the room allocated for them and avoid confusion.

 Wedding Signage Boards
A whimsical way of making your wedding decor interesting and worth remembering. While peppy wedding themes and amazing photobooths are on the rise in weddings, we are always looking to give the wedding decor an X-factor. And do you know how you can make your wedding decor different? With quirky and fun Sign Boards! We have signboards from a warm welcome board to calling people to zara sa jhoom loon main…the dance floor. A must-have thingy on your wedding day.

Menu Cards
Menu Cards provide a list of the menu that is served along during the wedding. The Guests can choose the menu from the card and mention it in the RSVP card. This will make it easy for the Hosts to arrange food and thereby reduce the burden on the caterer. A good way to save unnecessary wastage of food.

Baarat Currency
A newly introduced product range under stationery. Indians shower money on the attendees while they are dancing or enjoying the Marriage procession. It’s one of the ways to show their love, happiness & enthusiasm regarding the marriage. We came up with a save money and enjoy to the fullest concept. Notes that are printed with couple names, hashtags and can get even customized with their caricatures. Friends be like: Bhootni Ke Bhootni Ke??

Shagun Envelope
Shagun is given during auspicious occasions in India, Shagun envelopes convey love and blessings in cash given by family members and friends during auspicious occasions. In Indian weddings, as almost everyone gives cash gifts to the newlywed couple as a blessing. Handing a cash note directly is considered impolite; however, gifting cash in a well-decorated and customised shagun envelope is an ancient custom as it covers the cash gift inside.

Thank you Cards
Finally, after the end of the Big Day, the hosts must thank the guests for coming and being a part of the wedding. Thank you cards are usually sent at the earliest after the Marriage is over. These cards usually come in the theme of the invitation.

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